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Meet the Goats


P. Bopps, Fuzzy, Ferdinand

Im Bopps front and center! My sister is Fuzzy directly behind me and my cousin is Ferdinand in the back who pushed us all off right after this picture was taken! We were born in May and can't wait to play with you,


Barbara Ann

I am the littlest and sweetest of them all! My sister is Honey Bear.


Mr. Wonderful

I am the orneriest of the bunch! I get everyone into trouble.


My best friend in the group is Honey Bear. We love taking long naps in the hay together.

Penny Lane

Big ears, bigger heart! When she is not doing yoga, she helps in the yard, barn and with the kids.


Adorable. Check! And sass to the max!


Honey Bear

I am a little shy, but I love animal crackers as a snack!

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